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Mai Frandsen


Dr Mai Frandsen BPsych(Hons), PhD (MAPS) is an authentic practitioner whose varied life experiences is exuded in her genuine and pragmatic approach.

Prior to commencing in private practice, Mai worked as a behaviour change researcher and consultant for both government and non-government organisations. Dr Frandsen received her PhD in Psychology in 2012 and is recognised internationally for her work in promoting health behaviour change using incentives.

Mai is passionate about communicating science and can often be heard on the radio sharing mental health hacks.

Mai has a particular interest in health behaviour change, working with first responders, and adolescents. Originally from Denmark, Mai has called Tasmania home since 1994.

Mai has a rural background, and loves to travel both locally and abroad, and hates monopoly.

When not helping others achieve their goals, you will find Mai overcommitting herself in some form of outdoor, exhausting adventure.


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