The WAH Seeding Project:

Disseminate - Empower - Change

Windsor Allied Health sponsors and supports seminars related to child and adult mental health.

Some examples of previous presentations include:

The Autism ADHD Mix:

A presentation for parents and educators - Learn how new understandings of brain neurobiology and Executive Functions change the approach to treatment and management of children with Autism and ADHD. Presenters: Charl Fourie (Clinical Psychologist) and Dr Ingrid Els (General Pediatrician)

The Autism ADHD Toolbox Workshop:

How to manage children who have Executive Function Deficits leading to difficulties with time management, planning, organisation, self-motivation, emotional control and in-the-moment decision making? Presenters: Mary Brake, Department of Education Autism Consultant, and Charl Fourie, Clinical Psychologist.

Tricky Kids:

A presentation for Tasmania's independent schools on teaching children diagnosed with neurodevelopmental difficulties such as specific learning disorders, autism, and ADHD. Presenter: Charl Fourie, Clinical Psychologist.

Anxiety and tricky kids - Tips and tools:

A presentation at Anglicare's CFC Conference for parents helping them to support an anxious child. Presenter: Charl Fourie, Clinical Psychologist.

Understanding and helping tricky kids:

A presentation for Anglicare, Tasmania on the neuroanatomy of neurodevelopmental disorders and how understanding the brain translates to helping children diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders. Presenters: Charl Fourie, Clinical Psychologist and Amanda Leane, Occupational Therapist.

Girls and Autism - "From Misdiagnosed to Miss Diagnosed":

A presentation at the Australian Conference on Neurodevelopmental Disorders on girls and autism - exploring prevalence, presentation and intervention. Presenter: Charl Fourie, Clinical Psychologist.

The Australian Conference on Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Australias flagship conference on neurodevelopmental disorders:

Windsor Allied Health is a proud sponsor of the Australian Conference on Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Charl Fourie (MA) Psych (MAPS) and Tara Baillie (Registered Counsellor) are committee members organising this event. In 2019 Charl presented on "Girls and Autism - From misdiagnosed to Miss Diagnosed".


Tara Baillie is the founder of ADHD Support Groups. She is a registered Counsellor, a mother of two boys. Tara is on a mission to connect families living with ADHD, providing a safe space to interact, and share experiences, worries and strategies to use in everyday life. Tara offers a variety of supports to individuals and families touched by ADHD.