Your assessment journey begins with a proposal outlining the assessment types the psychologist is requesting to administer and the cost associated.

You will have the opportunity to take this proposal home to consider your options and, if you are happy to proceed, we will contact you to discuss next steps, whether this be booking an in-office assessment or providing you with booklets to complete.

We understand everyone’s needs are individual, and this is considered with open communication throughout the entire process.

Windsor Allied Health offers the following assessment groups:
  • Broadband (Screening) Assessments
  • Academic Assessments
  • Cognitive Assessments
  • ADHD Assessments
  • ASD Assessments
  • Bariatric Surgery Assessments

If you would like to meet with a psychologist to discuss an assessment for you or your child:

Send us an email. Please include the following information so we can determine your requirements:
  • Information about yourself or your child such as name, age, school, family situation, and an overview of the issues you are experiencing.
  • The type of assessment you are seeking (ADHD, Autism, etc.), OR
  • If are not sure, that is completely fine! Simply provide us with a brief description of your concerns.
Once we receive your email you will receive an acknowledgement and you will be advised of the wait time which depends on the type of assessment you are seeking.
Your information is reviewed and then placed with one of our psychologists.
When an opening becomes available, we will contact you to arrange a session. The next steps will be provided to you on the phone call, and then confirmed via email.
Please note that you cannot claim Assessment Costs through a Medicare Mental Health Care Plan.