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Jolene Ridler

Social Worker

Jolene is passionate about supporting people who are in crisis – helping individuals, couples and families cope and develop resilience through the challenges that come their way.

Jolene holds an Honours degree in Clinical Social Work and has almost 20 years of experience in her field. She is an Accredited Social Worker with the AustralianAssociation of Social Workers.

She has a varied background in therapeutic and holistic support services across the life-span, with a special interest in supporting both children and adults in recovery from trauma and abuse and helping individuals and families manage significant life- and mental health stressors.

Jolene has a deep respect for every individual’s inherent capacity to determine their own solutions and appreciates the opportunity to work alongside people, helping them to develop insight into their functioning, facilitating personal and relationship growth and supporting people to live happy and fulfilled lives. She loves to tailor evidence-based practices to individual needs and to work creatively in an accepting and nurturing environment.

When Jolene is not working she loves to spend time out in nature with her husband and two teens.

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